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Chapter 23. Using Windows Messenger to F... > Friends, Romans, Countrymen: Adding ... - Pg. 270

Using Windows Messenger to Fire Off Instant Messages 270 Friends, Romans, Countrymen: Adding Contacts The heart and soul of Windows Messenger is the contacts list, which is the list of the lucky folks to whom you want to send your instant messages. (And who, of course, will be lobbing instant mes- sages your way.) So on your metaphorical Windows Messenger to-do list, job number one is add one or more con- tacts. Here's how: 1. 2. Click the Add button or select File, Add a Contact. The Add a Contact wizard comes marching by. How you proceed from here depends on what you know about the would-be contact: · If you know the person's e-mail address or Passport sign-in name--Activate the By e-mail address or sign-in name option and click Next. Then enter the contact's e-mail address and click Next. Jargon Jar The contacts list is the roster of people with whom you want to exchange instant messages. In some circles (particularly AOL), this is known as a "buddy list." 3. 4. 5. · If you know only the person's name--Activate the Search for a contact option and click Next. Then enter the person's First Name and Last Name (you can also specify the City or State if the person is in the United States) and click Next. If you get any matches, click the person you want and then click Next. In each case, the wizard then offers to send an e-mail message to the potential contact to explain to them how to install Windows Messenger. If you know that the other person already uses the program, click Next; otherwise, click Send Mail. To add more contacts, click Next and then repeat steps 2 and 3 until you're done. Click Finish to exit the wizard. As you can see in Figure 23.2, the Windows Messenger window now lists your contacts, and groups them according to whether each person is online (that is, logged on to the Windows Messenger service) or not. Note, too, that you also see the current status of the online folks.