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Chapter 6. Using My Computer to Fiddle w... > Launching a Program with the Run Com... - Pg. 73

Using My Computer to Fiddle with Files and Folders 3. 4. 73 If you want to use some fancier search options (explained a bit later), click the Use advanced search options link. Click Search. If you want to search through all the files on your system, click the All Files and Folders link and then follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Use the Part of all of the name text box to enter some or all of the file name. Use the A word or phrase in the file text box to search for a file by content. Enter a word or part of a word that the desired file contains. Use the Look in list to select the folder or disk drive in which you want to search (if the displayed folder isn't the one you want). Use the When was it modified? options to refine the search according to the date the file was last edited. If you click What size is it? the Search Companion provides a few controls that enable you to locate a file according to its size. If you want to use the advanced search features, click the More advanced options link. Click Search. You can refine each of these search techniques even further by using the following advanced op- tions: · Search system folders--Activating this check box extends the search to include the Windows XP folders. You probably won't ever need to include these subfolders in your search.