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Chapter 6. Using My Computer to Fiddle w... > Workaday File and Folder Maintenance - Pg. 69

Using My Computer to Fiddle with Files and Folders 69 Bear in mind that although Windows XP likes long filenames and accepts most keyboard characters (including spaces), there are nine characters that are strictly verboten: *, \ : " < > ? /. Deleting a File or Folder Although most of today's hard disks boast a mammoth amount of real estate, you could still run out of room one day if you don't delete the debris that you no longer use. Deleting unwanted files and folders is fairly easy: 1. 2. Select the files or folders you want to blow away. Run the File, Delete command. (Alternatively, press Delete or click Delete this file or Delete the selected items in the WebView panel's File and Folder Tasks section.) Windows XP asks whether you're sure you want to consign these poor things to the cold, cruel Recycle Bin. Say "But of course, my good fellow!" and click Yes. 3. What happens if you nuke some crucial file or folder that you'd give your right arm to have back? Assuming you need your right arm, Windows XP offers an alternative method to save your bacon: the Recycle Bin . You should know, first off, that if the deletion was the last thing you did, you don't have to bother with the Recycle Bin. Just pull down the Edit menu and select the Undo Delete command (or press Ctrl+Z) to salvage the file. Note that it will be placed back in the folder where you originally deleted it, not necessarily in the folder you are currently in. Windows Wisdom