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Chapter 6. Using My Computer to Fiddle w... > My, Oh, My: Learning About Your Comp... - Pg. 63

Using My Computer to Fiddle with Files and Folders 63 Look Out! Certain drives and folders that contain Windows XP system files don't show their contents right away. Note that unless you're given specific instructions, under no circumstances should you play around with (rename, delete, move, and so on) any of the files in these system drives and folders. 4. Repeat step 3 until you get to the file. You may have noticed by now that the icons in the various folders have all kinds of different pictures. For example, most folders have a yellow icon that looks suspiciously like a file folder. Makes sense. Files are another story, however, because they have all kinds of different icons. The reason is that each icon tells you what kind of file you're dealing with and which program will run if you open (double-click) the file. Back in Figure 6.2, for example, the files named A Few of My Favorite Words and A Few Pangrams are WordPad documents, and the files named A Guy In a Bar and A Shaggy Dog Story are Notepad documents.