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The Savvy Surfer: More Internet Explorer Fun 229 Look Out! Why not just select the High setting to get the most security? Because this setting blocks certain common Web site activities such as file downloads and scripting, and without these many sites won't work properly. 7. Click OK. Internet Explorer has four predefined security levels: High (most secure), Low (least secure), Me- dium-low, and Medium. You can assign any of these levels within the Security tab by first using the Zone list to choose the security zone, and then dragging the slider to the security level you want. Note that Internet Explorer displays the types of security each setting provides next to the slider. Restricting Your Cookie Diet: Internet Explorer's Privacy Features As you weave your way around the Web, you'll occasionally come across sites that offer to "re- member" bits of data that you enter. For example, the site shown in Fig-ure 19.6 offers to store the