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The Savvy Surfer: More Internet Explorer Fun 221 Offline Surfing: Reading Pages When You're Not Connected Many Web fans have a few pages that they check out regularly because the content is always changing. Let's say you have 12 such pages and it takes you an average of five minutes to read each one. That's an hour of online time you've used up. Wouldn't it be better if Internet Explorer could somehow grab those pages while you weren't around (at night, for example), and then let you read them while you're not connected? Well, sure it would! That's probably why the Windows XP programmers added the Synchronize feature to Internet Explorer. This feature lets you designate Web pages to be available offline (that is, when you're not connected to the Internet). Then, when you run the Synchronize command, Internet Explorer absconds with the latest version of those pages and stores them on your hard disk. Internet Explorer also is happy to set up an automatic synchronization that can be scheduled to run any time you like. To make a page available offline, begin by using either of the following techniques: · If the page is set up as a favorite--Pull down the Favorites menu and display the shortcut for the page. Then right-click that shortcut and click Make available offline. · If the page isn't yet set up as a favorite--Display the page and then select Favorites, Add to Favorites to meet up with the Add Favorite dialog box. Activate the Make available offline check box and then click Customize. Whichever route you take, you end up with the Offline Favorite Wizard staring you in the face. Here's how it works: 1. The first wizard dialog box just offers an introduction, so click Next. (You can save yourself this