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Chapter 19. The Savvy Surfer: More Inter... > Caveat Surfer: Internet Explorer and... - Pg. 228

The Savvy Surfer: More Internet Explorer Fun 228 Windows Wisdom Many folks want to try out these newfangled e-commerce and online banking sites that everyone's talking about, but they're concerned about security. That's smart, because financial data must be as secure as pos- sible. When you investigate these kinds of sites, you often see them yammering on about "128-bit encryption" and similar-sounding gobbledygook. The gist is that any Web browser that boasts 128-bit encryption can scramble your financial data to make it virtually uncrackable by nefarious nogoodniks. It used to be that you had to download a special update to get this super-duper security. That's a thing of the past now because Windows XP's version of Internet Explorer comes with 128-bit security built right in. Note that these dialog boxes contain a check box that enables you to turn the warning off. You can also use the Security tab in the Internet Options dialog box (select Tools, Internet Options to get there) to toggle these warnings on and off and customize the level of security used by Internet Explorer. The way Internet Explorer handles security is to classify Web pages according to different security