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Chapter 19. The Savvy Surfer: More Inter... > Offline Surfing: Reading Pages When ... - Pg. 222

The Savvy Surfer: More Internet Explorer Fun 222 4. · I would like to create a new schedule--Activate this option if you want Internet Explorer to perform the synchronization automatically on a preset schedule. If you select this option, click Next and then continue with step 4. If you elected to set up a synchronization schedule, you'll see a dialog box with scheduling options. Here's a rundown of the controls you get to mess with (click Next when you're ready to move on): Every x days--Specify the number of days between synchronizations. at--Specify the time you want the synchronization to happen. Name--Enter a name for this synchronization schedule. If my computer is not connected ...--Activate this check box to have Internet Explorer con- nect your computer to the Internet to download the page (or pages). Note that this option works only if you don't have to type in any logon information (such as your user name and password) to connect to your ISP. The final wizard dialog box wants to know whether the Web page requires you to log on. If not (most sites don't), activate No; if so, activate Yes and then fill in your User name and Pass- word (twice). Click Finish to complete the synchronization setup. If you're adding a new favorite, you'll end up back in the Add Favorite dialog box. Select a folder for the favorite (if necessary) and then click OK. · · · · 5. 6. At this point, Internet Explorer performs the initial synchronization: It connects to the page and hauls in a copy that it stores on your system. If you elected to go the manual synchronization route, you can download the pages for offline pe- rusing at any time by selecting the Tools, Synchronize command. In the Items to Synchronize dialog box (see Figure 19.1), deactivate the check boxes for any items you don't want to synchronize, and then click Synchronize.