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Chapter 22. Spreadin' the News: Particip... > Posting a Message to a Newsgroup - Pg. 265

Spreadin' the News: Participating in Newsgroup Conversations 6. 265 7. 8. Make sure the Get messages marked for download check box is activated, and then click OK. Outlook Express displays a dialog box that shows you the progress of the message down- load. Put Outlook Express offline by activating the File, Work Offline command. Disconnect from the Internet. At this point, the newsgroup becomes more or less like the Inbox folder. This means you can read any downloaded message just by highlighting it and viewing the text in the preview pane. (You also can double-click the message to open it.) Note, too, that Outlook Express organizes all the news- group messages by thread. That's why you see some messages with plus signs (+) beside them. Clicking the plus sign "opens" the thread so that you can see the other messages. Posting a Message to a Newsgroup When you think you're ready to delurk and post something yourself, Outlook Express gives you a few ways to do it: · Send a response to the newsgroup--Click the original message to highlight it, and then either select Message, Reply to Group or click the Reply Group toolbar button. (Keyboard connois- seurs might prefer to press Ctrl+G.) Windows Wisdom