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Chapter 22. Spreadin' the News: Particip... > Downloading Newsgroup Messages - Pg. 262

Spreadin' the News: Participating in Newsgroup Conversations 262 5. 6. · Subscribe--Click this button to subscribe to the newsgroup. Outlook Express adds an icon beside the newsgroup name to remind you that you're subscribed. To continue subscribing, repeat steps 3 and 4 ad nauseam. When you're done, click OK to get back to Outlook Express. Unsubscribing from a Newsgroup If you get sick and tired of a newsgroup's carryings-on, you can unsubscribe at any time by using either of the following techniques: · In the Newsgroups dialog box, display the Subscribed tab, highlight the newsgroup, and then click Unsubscribe. · In the Outlook Express window, right-click the newsgroup and then click Unsubscribe in the shortcut menu. When Outlook Express asks if you're sure about this, say "Way!" and click OK. Downloading Newsgroup Messages As I mentioned earlier, subscribing to a newsgroup means the group's name appears as a subfolder of your news account in the Outlook Express Folders list. You're now ready to start reading the group's posts. With Outlook Express, this is a two-stage process: 1. Download the newsgroup's current list of message headers. A header contains only the name of the person who sent the post, the subject line, the date the post was sent, and the size of the post. Choose one or more posts that you want to read and then download the message text for each one. 2. The next two sections take you through these two steps. Before we get to that, however, you need to understand that Outlook Express operates in two distinctly different modes: 1. Online--Working online means you're logged on to your news account. If you have a full-time connection to the Internet, then you can leave Outlook Express in online mode all the time, which makes things much easier. Offline--Working offline means that you're not logged on to your account. If you connect to the Internet using a modem, then you probably want to minimize your connection time. Outlook Express enables you to do that by letting you go online temporarily to grab just what you need. 2. You toggle Outlook Express between these two styles by selecting the File, Work Offline command. When you see a check mark beside this command, it means that Outlook Express is in offline mode. Step 1: Downloading the Message Headers To grab the headers, first use the Outlook Express Folders list to click the name of the newsgroup you want to work with. You now have a couple of ways to proceed: · If you're working online--Outlook Express kindly reaches out and takes the group's first 300 headers without further prompting. · If you're working offline--In this case, you need to select the Tools, Get Next 300 Headers command. When Outlook Express asks you if you want to go online, click Yes.