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Chapter 22. Spreadin' the News: Particip... > Setting Up a News Account - Pg. 260

Spreadin' the News: Participating in Newsgroup Conversations 260 However, I don't want to leave you with the impression that newsgroups are so much sweetness and light. Unlike a "Letters to the Editor" section, there's usually no newsgroup "editor" to ensure that messages pass muster. As a result, many newsgroups are a chaotic mass of spam (unsolicited commercial messages), flames (spiteful and insulting posts), and off-topic messages. Whatever you find out there in newsgroup land, the important thing right now is that you need to know how to access and work with these groups. Besides handling e-mail, Outlook Express doubles as a pretty good newsreader, as a program that works with newsgroups is called. This chapter tells you all about the Outlook Express newsreader features. To get your newsgroups education off on the right foot, I have a newsgroup primer on my Web site that introduces you to some basic concepts and terms. To see it, give the following address a whirl: Setting Up a News Account Your first order of business is to start Outlook Express. (Remember that the quickest route is usually to select Start, E-mail.) After you've done that, follow these steps to set up the news account supplied by your ISP: 1. 2. Select Tools, Accounts. Outlook Express slips the Internet Accounts dialog box under the door. Display the News tab. If you already see an account listed here, pump your fist and say "Yes!" because it looks like your ISP set one up for you automatically. You have my permission to skip the rest of these steps. Click Add and then click News. Outlook Express asks the Internet Connection Wizard to make a return engagement. The first wizard dialog box asks you for your display name. 3.