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Chapter 22. Spreadin' the News: Particip... > Downloading Newsgroup Messages - Pg. 264

Spreadin' the News: Participating in Newsgroup Conversations Figure 22.1 shows the Outlook Express window with some downloaded headers. 264 Step 2: Downloading the Message Text As you saw in Figure 22.1, groups such as rec.woodworking often feature a large, intimidating number of messages--in this case, there are nearly 2,000. You can see why Outlook Express downloads only the message headers. If it also took the time to hoist the text of every message onto your system, it could take an hour or two (depending on your connection speed, of course). So the basic newsgroup modus operandi is to sift through the headers looking for interesting posts and ignoring all the others. (Although, if a group contains only a small number of posts, you may be able to get away with reading everything.) Again, how you do this depends on whether you're work- ing offline or online. Life is easiest if you're working online. In this case, just click the post you want to read, and Outlook Express dutifully downloads the message text. If you're working offline, you have to follow these steps: 1. 2. Make sure the newsgroup you want to work with is highlighted in the Folders list. You now need to "mark" which messages you want to download. You have three choices: · To mark a single message--Click beside the header in the Mark for Offline column (pointed out in Figure 22.1). Alternatively, highlight the message and then select Tools, Mark for Offline, Download Message Later. · To mark an entire thread--Make sure the thread is closed (that is, it shows a plus sign [+] beside it) and then click beside it in the Mark for Offline column. You can also highlight the