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Chapter 22. Spreadin' the News: Particip... > Downloading Newsgroup Messages - Pg. 263

Spreadin' the News: Participating in Newsgroup Conversations 263 Windows Wisdom You can control the number of headers that Outlook Express downloads at one time. Select Tools, Options and display the Read tab. Use the Get x headers at a time spin box to enter the number of headers you want downloaded each time. (The maximum number is 1,000.) The group may have more than 300 headers. If so, the total remaining to be downloaded appears in the status bar (see Figure 22.1). To get those headers, you have two choices: · If there aren't too many more, repeat the Tools, Get Next 300 Headers command as often as necessary. · If there are lots of messages still to come, you can tell Outlook Express to go ahead and down- load all the remaining headers. Select Tools, Synchronize Newsgroup to get on stage with the Synchronize Newsgroup dialog box. Activate the Get the following items check box, activate the Headers only option, and then click OK.