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Chapter 27. Smooth System Sailing: Wield... > Setting Up a System Maintenance Sche... - Pg. 320

Smooth System Sailing: Wielding the System Tools 320 Setting Up a System Maintenance Schedule As with backing up, performing system maintenance doesn't do you much good if you get around to it only once in a while. If you want to keep your system firing on all cylinders, then you need to perform regular maintenance. In these hectic times, however, it's hard to remember even to eat, much less to run Disk Cleanup once a week. The solution is the Task Scheduler, which is really a special folder called Scheduled Tasks. Its job is to enable you to set up a particular program to run at a specified time, or to run multiple times on a schedule (such as once a week). Windows Wisdom How often you use Disk Defragmenter depends on how much you use your computer. If you give your machine a real workout on most days, run the analysis portion of Disk Defragmenter about once a week. If your computer gets only light use, crank up Disk Defragmenter about once a month.