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Chapter 27. Smooth System Sailing: Wield... > The Three Hard Disk Musketeers: Some... - Pg. 313

Smooth System Sailing: Wielding the System Tools 313 The Three Hard Disk Musketeers: Some Useful Disk Tools Let's begin with a look at three programs that tend to that most vital of computer components: your hard disk. The preeminence of the hard disk in the computing pantheon shouldn't be surprising. After all, it's your hard disk that bears the burden of storing your priceless data. To help you keep your hard disk affairs in order and to help preserve your data, the next three sections discuss Win- dows XP's Disk Cleanup, Check Disk, and Disk Defragmenter programs. Cleaning House: Using Disk Cleanup to Delete Junk Files Ever wonder how much free space you have left on your hard disk? It's easy enough to find out. Just select Start, My Computer and highlight your hard disk. As you can see in Figure 27.1, the information area shows you how much free space you have left to work with.