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Chapter 27. Smooth System Sailing: Wield... > Using Automatic Updates to Keeping U... - Pg. 325

Smooth System Sailing: Wielding the System Tools 325 After Windows XP sees that your computer has Internet access, you eventually see yet another icon in your taskbar's notification area, as well as a message titled Stay current with automatic up- dates. This is the Automatic Updates icon, and its job is to let you know when Windows Update has something new to install. Before you can use this feature, you have to run through a brief setup procedure: 1. 2. Click the Automatic Updates icon or the message. The Automatic Updated Setup Wizard comes by. Click Next. The wizard asks you how you want to be notified of updates: · Download the updates automatically ...--This is the no-brainer option because Windows XP handles all the dirty work behind the scenes. When an update is available, Windows XP downloads it and then displays the Automatic Updates icon with a message telling you that the update is ready to be installed. All you have to do is click the message to make things happen. · Notify me before downloading ...--Choose this option to force Windows XP to ask your permission before downloading a component. It's a bit more work, but at least you'll always know what Windows XP is up to. · Turn off automatic updating ...--Choose this option if you prefer to go to the Windows Update Web site yourself. Click Next. Click Finish. 3. 4. After that's done, the Automatic Updates feature runs in the background and checks for new com- ponents for your computer automatically. If you're connected to the Internet and a new component