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Chapter 27. Smooth System Sailing: Wield... > The Three Hard Disk Musketeers: Some... - Pg. 317

Smooth System Sailing: Wielding the System Tools 317 Jargon Jar A sector is a tiny piece of a disk and Windows XP uses a disk's sectors as mini storage bins that hold bits of your files. A "bad" sector is one that has gone wonky for some reason, so it can no longer be used to store anything reliably. 5. 6. Click the Check Now button. This gets you an appointment with the Check Disk dialog box. Check Disk offers two checking options: · Automatically fix file system errors--Activate this check box to have Windows XP handle the dirty work of fixing any file problems that it finds. This gives you one less thing to fret about, so activating this option is a good idea. · Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors--Activate this option to have Check Disk examine the physical surface of the disk for corruption. This is a good idea because a lot of bad sectors means not only that you might not be able to store files reliably, but also that