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Chapter 27. Smooth System Sailing: Wield... > The Three Hard Disk Musketeers: Some... - Pg. 315

Smooth System Sailing: Wielding the System Tools 315 · Offline files--These are permanent copies of network files that reside on your hard disk. Having these files enables you to work with them even when you're not connected to the network. If you no longer need these files, delete them to clear some room on your hard disk. · NEW! Compress old files--Windows XP can take files that you haven't messed with in a while (the default is 50 days) and scrunch them down so that they take up less disk space, yet remain accessible to you and your programs. · Catalog files for the Content Indexer--These are files that have been left behind by the Windows XP Indexing Service. You don't need these files, so you can delete them with abandon. Note that you may not have all of these types of files on your system, so if you don't see some of them when you run Disk Cleanup, don't sweat it. Follow these steps to use Disk Cleanup to trash any or all of these kinds of files: 1. Windows XP offers you three different routes to get started: · In My Computer, highlight the hard disk and select File, Properties. (Alternatively, right-click the hard disk and then click Properties.) In the dialog box that beams up, click the Disk Cleanup button. · Select Start, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, Free up space on your hard disk. · Select Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup. If you used either of the last two paths and you have multiple hard disks, the Select Drive dialog box will ask you which one you want to work with. Use the Drives list to pick out the drive, and then click OK. Either way, you end up at the Disk Cleanup window shown in Figure 27.2. Activate the check 2. 3.