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Chapter 11. Sights and Sounds: Music and... > Assigning Sounds to Things Windows X... - Pg. 131

Sights and Sounds: Music and Other Multimedia 131 Media Player also enables you to create a custom list. To add your own stations, first select My Presets in the PRESETS list. Now move over to the STATION FINDER side of the window and use the Find By list to choose how you want to search for a station (such as by format or location). Use the controls that appear to enter your search criteria and run the search. Click the station you want and then click the <<< button to put the station in your presets list. Assigning Sounds to Things Windows XP Does As you work with Windows XP, you'll hear various beeps and boops in response to certain events, such as when some dialog boxes appear and when a new e-mail message arrives. Although you might think all these sounds are set in stone, it turns out that you can control not only which sounds play in response to which events, but whether Windows XP plays any sounds at all. To change the sound that plays for a Windows event, follow these steps: 1. Select Start, Control Panel, click Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices and then click Change the sound scheme. You eventually end up at the Speech and Audio Devices Properties dialog box. Use the Program events list to highlight the event you want to work with. (If an event has a volume icon beside it, it means a sound is associated with that event.) Use the Sounds list to select the sound you want played when the event occurs. If you'd prefer blissful silence, select (None). If the sound you want doesn't appear in the list, click Browse to pick out the sound file using a dialog box. 2. 3.