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Chapter 11. Sights and Sounds: Music and... > Web Waves: Listening to Internet Rad... - Pg. 130

Sights and Sounds: Music and Other Multimedia 130 Figure 11.5. In the Media Library, open the Audio branches until you get to the song you want to play or work with. 4. 5. Use the Music on Device list to select the drive or device that you want to use to store the tracks. Click Copy to Music. Look Out! Remember that once Media Player finishes writing to a CD-R disc, it "closes" the disc, which means that you can never write anything else to the disc. Therefore, make sure you have enough music available to fill up the CD-R (about 70 minutes) so as not to waste space on the disc. Web Waves: Listening to Internet Radio Hundreds of radio stations are sending their signals over the Net, and Media Player can tune in to many of them. First, click Radio Tuner in the taskbar. The PRESETS list shows some stations defined by Media Player. To hear a station, highlight it and then click Play.