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Chapter 11. Sights and Sounds: Music and... > Rollin' Your Own Music: Copying Trac... - Pg. 129

Sights and Sounds: Music and Other Multimedia 129 The techniques in this section apply equally to MP3 files and other music files that you download from the Internet. · Changing the playlist order--Open the My Playlists branch and highlight the playlist. Then use your mouse to drag the songs up or down in the list. · Playing a playlist--Open the My Playlists branch, highlight the playlist, and then click the Play button. · Renaming a playlist--Open the My Playlists branch, right-click the playlist, and then click Re- name. Type in the new name and then press Enter. Windows Wisdom You can create a quick playlist from the My Music folder by opening it and clicking the WebView panel's Play all link. For a more specific list, create a new subfolder and then copy or move all the music files that you want in your playlist to that folder. Open the folder and click the Play all link.