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Chapter 11. Sights and Sounds: Music and... > Making Multimedia Whoopee with Media... - Pg. 124

Sights and Sounds: Music and Other Multimedia 124 · To open a file on your computer--Select the File, Open command (or press Ctrl+O), use the Open dialog box to highlight the file, and then click Open. · To open a file from the Internet--Select File, Open URL (or press Ctrl+U), use the Open text box to enter the Internet address of the file, and then click OK. If it's an audio CD that you want to start, first click Copy from CD in the taskbar. Let's Make Some Noise: Playing Media To control the playback of your media, the Media Player program offers the following buttons: · Play/Pause--Starts the media file; pauses the file while it's playing. Alternatives: Select Play, Play/Pause or press Ctrl+P. · Stop--Stops the media file and returns to the beginning of the file (or to the beginning of the current audio CD track). Alternatives: Select Play, Stop or press Ctrl+S. · Rewind--Rewinds continuously through a media file (such as a streaming video file). Click Play/ Pause to continue playing. Alternatives: Select Play, Rewind, or press Ctrl+Shift+B. · Previous--Returns you to the beginning of the file or track. Alternatives: Select Play, Previous or press Ctrl+B. · Seek--Drag this slider left to rewind or right to fast forward. · Next--Sends you to the next file or track. Alternatives: Select Play, Next, or press Ctrl+F. · Mute--Turns off the sound playback. Alternatives: Select Play, Volume, Mute or press F8. · Volume--Controls the playback volume. Drag the slider to the left to reduce the volume, or to the right to increase the volume. Alternatives: Select Play, Volume, Up or press F10 to increase the volume; select Play, Volume, Down or press F9 to decrease the volume.