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Chapter 20. Sending and Receiving E-Mail... > The Outbox: Sending an E-Mail Messag... - Pg. 237

Sending and Receiving E-Mail Missives 237 The default Outlook Express startup screen shows a collection of common chores (such as Create a New Mail message). Most people don't find this screen particularly useful, so they just click the Inbox folder (which is where all your incoming messages first get stored). If you want Outlook Express to open the Inbox folder automatically at startup, activate the When Outlook Express starts, go directly to my Inbox check box. The Outbox: Sending an E-Mail Message Let's begin the Outlook Express tour with a look at how to foist your e-prose on unsuspecting col- leagues, friends, family, and Brady Bunch cast members. This section shows you the basic tech- nique to use, and then gets a bit fancier in discussing the Address Book, attachments, and other Outlook Express sending features. The Basics: Composing and Sending a Message Without further ado (not that there's been much ado to this point, mind you), here are the basic steps to follow to fire off an e-mail message to some lucky recipient: 1. Click the Create Mail button in the toolbar, or select Message, New Message. (Keyboard fans will be pleased to note that pressing Ctrl+N also works.) You end up with the New Message window on-screen, as shown in Figure 20.2.