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Chapter 20. Sending and Receiving E-Mail... > Setting Up Your Internet E-Mail Acco... - Pg. 235

Sending and Receiving E-Mail Missives · Select Start, All Programs, Outlook Express. 235 Setting Up Your Internet E-Mail Account Before Outlook Express loads, it calls in the Internet Connection Wizard to handle the various steps required to divulge the details of the e-mail account you have with your ISP. Here's a rundown of the information you should have at your fingertips: · The username and password for your e-mail account. (These are almost always the same as your Internet logon name and password.) · The type of server the ISP uses for incoming e-mail: POP3, IMAP, or HTTP. Jargon Jar A mail server is computer that your ISP uses to store and send your e-mail messages.