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Chapter 20. Sending and Receiving E-Mail... > The Inbox: Getting and Reading E-Mai... - Pg. 245

Sending and Receiving E-Mail Missives 245 The Least You Need to Know · Outlook Express takeoff--Either select Start, E-mail or select Start, All Programs, Outlook Express. · Go to the Inbox--It's best to launch Outlook Express and go directly to the Inbox folder. To do that, activate the When Outlook Express starts, go directly to my Inbox folder check box. · Composing a message--Click the Create Mail button (or select Message, New Message), enter the ad- dress and a Subject line, fill in the message body, and then either select File, Send Message (if you're online) or File, Send Later (if you're offline). · Receiving messages--Click the Send/Recv button and then click Receive All (or select Tools, Send and Receive, Receive All).