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Chapter 20. Sending and Receiving E-Mail... > The Inbox: Getting and Reading E-Mai... - Pg. 243

Sending and Receiving E-Mail Missives 243 Jargon Jar A conversation is a series of messages with the same subject line. It's also known as a thread in e-mail circles. If you plan on using the Next Unread Conversation command, you first have to group all the mes- sages from the same conversation. To do that, activate the View, Current View, Group Messages by Conversation command. Attending to Attachments As I mentioned earlier, if you get a message that has one or more files tied to it, you see a paper clip icon in the Inbox folder's Attachment column. You also see a larger paper clip icon in the upper- right corner of the preview pane. Outlook Express gives you a few ways to handle any attachments in the current message: