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Chapter 5. Saving, Opening, Printing, an... > Closing a Document - Pg. 55

Saving, Opening, Printing, and Other Document Lore 55 are pressing Ctrl+X or clicking the Cut toolbar button; see Figure 5.1). Your selection disappears from the screen, but don't panic; Windows XP saves it for you. Position the cursor where you want to place the text, and then select Edit, Paste. Your stuff miraculously reappears in the new location. · Deleting text--Because even the best typists make occasional typos, knowing how to delete is a necessary editing skill. Put away the Wite-Out, though, because deleting a character or two is easier (and less messy) if you use either of the following techniques: 1) position the cursor to the right of the offending character and press the Backspace key; position the cursor to the left of the character and press the Delete key. If you have a large chunk of material you want to expunge from the document, highlight it and press the Delete key or the Backspace key. Windows Wisdom All this cut, copy, and paste moonshine is a bit mysterious. Where does cut text (or whatever) go? How does Windows XP know what to paste? Does Windows XP have some kind of digital hip pocket that it