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Chapter 25. Revamping the Start Menu and... > Renovating the Taskbar - Pg. 299

Revamping the Start Menu and Taskbar 299 Remember that the icons you delete are only shortcuts that point to the original program file or document. You're not deleting the originals. · Sorting an out-of-sorts menu--If you've been dragging icons hither and yon, you might end up with menus that are no longer in alphabetical order. If that offends your inner neat freak, it's easy enough to fix. Just right-click the offending menu and then click Sort by Name. Renovating the Taskbar Like the Start menu, the taskbar also seems to be a nonmalleable feature of the Windows XP land- scape. If that were true, however, then this chapter would end right about here. The fact that you still have a few pages left to slog through tells you that, indeed, the taskbar is readily malleable. Not only that, but most of the taskbar customizations you'll see over the next few sections are practical timesavers and not just mere "Hey, Ma, look what I can do!" tricks. Unlocking the Taskbar NEW! When Microsoft was testing Windows with new users, they found that people often ended up with inadvertently customized taskbars that they didn't know how to fix. For example, it's actually quite easy to accidentally resize the taskbar while trying to resize a window (as you'll see a bit later). To prevent this kind of faux customization (and the confusion it creates), Windows XP comes with its taskbar locked so that it can't be moved or sized. Here's how to unlock it so that you can man- handle the taskbar on purpose: 1. 2. Right-click an empty section of the taskbar. In the shortcut that appears, look for the Lock the Taskbar command. If there's a checkmark