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Chapter 25. Revamping the Start Menu and... > Renovating the Taskbar - Pg. 301

Revamping the Start Menu and Taskbar 301 It's still possible to get to the taskbar with the Keep the taskbar on top of other windows option turned off. Either minimize the window, or else press Ctrl+Esc (or the key, if you have one), and then press Esc. · Group similar taskbar buttons--As you know, when you run a program, Windows XP adds a button for the program to the taskbar. When this check box is turned on, Windows XP reduces clutter by combining similar taskbar buttons into a single button. For example, if you have two or three instances of Internet Explorer on the go, they'll get grouped into a single button. (Note, however, that this only happens once the taskbar becomes completely filled with buttons.) To get at a particular window, click the button to pop up a list of the windows (see Figure 25.4) and then click the window you want. Figure 25.4. When Windows XP groups similar taskbar buttons, click the button to get at the grouped windows. · Show Quick Launch--If you activate this check box, Windows XP adds the Quick Launch toolbar beside the Start button, as shown in Figure 25.5. This gives you one-click access to three icons: Launch Internet Explorer Browser, Show Desktop, and Windows Media Player. The Show Desktop icon minimizes all running programs so that you get a pristine view of the desktop.