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Chapter 25. Revamping the Start Menu and... > A Smart Start: Reconstructing the St... - Pg. 297

Revamping the Start Menu and Taskbar 297 See Also Remember your Favorites? If you don't, jump back to Chapter 18, "It's a Small Web After All: Using Internet Explorer," and look under "Saving Sites for Subsequent Surfs: Managing Your Favorites." That's all he wrote for the Customize Start Menu dialog box, so click OK to return to the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box, and then click OK to put the new settings into effect. Adding Your Own Start Menu Icons Most new users just assume the arrangement of icons on the Start menu is a permanent part of the Windows XP landscape. They're right, to a certain extent. Everything on the main Start menu can only be messed with by using the techniques from the previous section. What is a bit surprising is that the menus that appear when you click All Programs are completely open for customization business. You can add icons, move them around, rename them, delete them, and more. I show you how to do all of this in this section.