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Chapter 25. Revamping the Start Menu and... > A Smart Start: Reconstructing the St... - Pg. 296

Revamping the Start Menu and Taskbar 296 · Display as a menu--This option means that when you click the folder icon in the Start menu, a submenu slides out to display the contents of the folder. · Don't display this item--This option means that the folder icon doesn't appear in the Start menu. (Note that there's also a Network Connections item that offers three similar, but differently worded, options.) The rest of the list is composed of check boxes. Each one toggles a particular Start menu feature on and off. Here's a quick summary of the features: · System Administrative Tools--When this check box is activated, Windows XP adds the Admin- istrative Tools menu to the All Programs menu. (These are geeks-only tools, so it's unlikely that you'll want to bother with this one.) Windows Wisdom