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Chapter 25. Revamping the Start Menu and... > A Smart Start: Reconstructing the St... - Pg. 294

Revamping the Start Menu and Taskbar 294 Toggling Some Start Menu Settings On and Off Windows XP's Start menu boasts a number of new settings that you can turn on and off. These settings enable you to, among other things, add the Favorites list as a submenu, display the Control Panel icons as a submenu, and retreat to the "classic" Start menu from older versions of Windows. To get to these settings, you have a couple of ways to go: · Select Start, Control Panel, Appearance and Themes, Taskbar and Start Menu. · Right-click the Start button and then click Properties. Either way, the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box comes off the bench. Now display the Start Menu tab. Your first choice involves the Start menu style that you want to use: · Start Menu--Choose this option to use the newfangled Start Menu that comes with Windows XP. · Classic Start Menu--Choose this option to retreat to the familiar confines of the Start Menu used in Windows Me and Windows 2000. Personally, I really like the XP incarnation of the Start menu: it's efficient, sensible for the most part, and as you'll see in this section, its not-so-sensible shortcomings are fixable with a couple of tweaks. I digress here in order to justify my decision to cover only the customization settings of the new XP Start menu. Note, however, that if you do decide to revert to the classic menu, many of its custom- ization settings are similar to those I discuss in the rest of this section. To move on with things, click the Customize button that sits next to the Start menu option. This gets you a ticket to the Customize Start Menu dialog box. The General tab serves up three sections: · Select an icon size for programs This inscrutable semi-sentence is telling you that you use the following option buttons to choose the relative size of the icons that appear in the programs section (the left half) of the Start menu. Choose either Large icons (the default) or Small icons. (The latter is useful if you up the number of programs Windows XP displays on the Start menu, as described next.) · Programs This section offers a couple of methods to adjust the Start menu's programs section. Recall that this section (excluding the Internet and E-mail icons at the top) displays icons for the last six programs you fired up. You can use the Number of programs on Start menu spin box to set the maximum number of these icons that appear in this section. Enter a number from 0 and 30. If you want to clear out the programs section and get a fresh start, click the Clear List button. · Show on Start menu When the Internet and E-mail check boxes are activated, these items appear at the top of the Start menu's programs section. Note, too, that each one offers a list that enables you to choose which Web browser and which e-mail program to associate with these icons. Windows Wisdom