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Chapter 26. Renovating My Computer > A Folder Face-Lift: Customizing a Folder - Pg. 310

Renovating My Computer 310 A Folder Face-Lift: Customizing a Folder NEW!To close this look at My Computer customization, let's take a peek at some interesting folder tweaks that are new to Windows XP. First, though, I should tell you that these tweaks apply only to folders that you've created with the sweat of your own brow; they don't work with folders created by Windows XP. With that out of the way, go ahead and open one of your folders and then select the View, Customize This Folder command. Windows XP displays a dialog box named Folder Properties, where Folder is the name of the open folder (see Figure 26.3). Figure 26.3. Use this dialog box to customize one of your folders. The What kind of folder to you want? group enables you to apply a template to the folder. This means that you can convert your folder into a special folder that uses the same features as My Pictures, My Music, and so on. In the Use this folder type as a template list, choose the template type that best suits the content of your folder. For example, if your folder contains mostly images, choose the Pictures template or the Photo Album template. Note, too, that you can tell Windows XP to use the template with all the folder's subfolders by activating the Also apply this template to all subfolders check box. The Folder pictures group enables you to assign one or more pictures that get displayed as part of the folder's icon when you're in Thumbnails view. By default, Windows XP uses the first four images that are in the folder. If you want to use a single picture, instead, click Choose Picture, highlight the file you want to use in the Browse dialog box, and then click Open. If you prefer the four-picture format, click Restore Default.