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Chapter 26. Renovating My Computer > A Few More Folder Options - Pg. 309

Renovating My Computer 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Set up a folder just the way you like it. Select Tools, Folder Options. The Folder Options dialog box skids into the screen. Display the View tab. Click Apply to All Folders. Windows XP asks you to confirm. Click Yes to get back to the Folder Options dialog box. Click OK. 309 If you grow tired of these view options and you want to go back to the original look and feel, display the View tab once again and click Reset All Folders. A Few More Folder Options The Folder Options dialog box you visited briefly in the previous section is loaded with settings that change the way My Computer displays folders. Most of the settings in the View tab and all the settings in File Types tab are obscure and can be safely ignored by normal people. However, the options in the General tab are relatively useful. Let's start with the Tasks group. Way back in Chapter 6, I told you about Windows XP's new Web view panel that offers links to common tasks related to whatever type of folder or file you're working with. The Tasks group controls the display of this panel: · Show common tasks in folders--Activate this option to display the Web view panel. · Use Windows classic folders--Activate this option to do away with the Web view panel. The Browse folders groups also gives you two options: