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Chapter 26. Renovating My Computer > A Folder Face-Lift: Customizing a Folder - Pg. 311

Renovating My Computer 311 Finally, the Folder icons group enables you to change the icon used to display a folder in all views except Thumbnail. Click Change Icon to open the Change Icon dialog box, highlight the icon you prefer to use, and then click OK. (I gave you some options for this dialog box in Chapter 25.) The Least You Need to Know · Toggling toolbars--Select View, Toolbars (or right-click a displayed toolbar) to see a list of toolbars that can be toggled on and off. · Displaying the Folders bar--Activate the View, Explorer Bar, Folders command, or activate the Folders button in the toolbar. · Customizing the toolbar--Select View, Toolbars, Customize (or right-click the toolbar and then click Cus- tomize). · Changing the icon view--Choose one of the following commands on the View menu (or the toolbar's Views button): Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, List, or Details. · Sorting files and folders--Select View, Arrange Icons by and then select a sort order. You also can sort in Details view by clicking the column headings. · Getting a global view--Set up a folder the way you want it, select Tools, Options, display the View tab, and click Apply to All Folders.