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Chapter 26. Renovating My Computer > Points of View: Changing the My Computer V... - Pg. 305

Renovating My Computer 305 · Favorites--This toggles the Favorites bar on and off. You use the Favorites bar to display your list of favorites. These are normally Web sites, but you also can define a folder as a favorite. (See Chapter 18, "It's a Small Web After All: Using Internet Explorer.") · Media--This toggles the Media bar on and off. The Media bar displays links to WindowsMe- and controls whatever media files are found in the current folder. · History--This toggles the History bar on and off. The History bar displays a list of the Web sites that you've visited each day for the past 20 days. (See Chapter 18.) · Folders--Toggles the Folders bar on and off. The Folders bar gives you a bird's-eye view of your computer's disks and folders, which makes it much easier to navigate your system (as explained in Chapter 6; see the "Taking Advantage of the Handy Folders List" section). Three of the Explorer bars offer shortcut methods for toggling themselves on and off: · Search--Click Search in the Standard Buttons toolbar, or press Ctrl+E. · Favorites--Click Favorites in the Standard Buttons toolbar, or press Ctrl+I. · History--Press Ctrl+H. Customizing the Standard Buttons Toolbar The Standard Buttons toolbar (which I'll just call "the toolbar" from now on) is a bit of an odd duck. Some buttons have text (such as the Back button) and some don't (such as the Forward button). Also, it doesn't include buttons for three commonly used commands: Cut, Copy, and Paste. You can fix this idiosyncratic behavior by tweaking the toolbar. To begin, select View, Toolbars, Customize. (You also can right-click the toolbar and then click Customize in the shortcut menu.) My Computer lobs the Customize Toolbar dialog box your way,