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Chapter 24. Refurbishing the Desktop > Screen Saver Silliness - Pg. 286

Refurbishing the Desktop 286 Figure 24.3. Web item doodads can be moved, resized, and more. Screen Saver Silliness In olden times (say, 10 years ago), monitors weren't as good as they are today, and most of us struggled along using ugly DOS screens. One of the problems people faced was leaving their mon- itors on too long and ending up with some DOS hieroglyphics burned permanently into the screen (this is usually referred to, not surprisingly, as burn-in ). To prevent this from happening, some genius came up with the idea of a screen saver: a program that automatically kicks in after the computer is idle for a few minutes. The screen saver displays some kind of moving pattern on the screen that helps prevent burn-in. However, with a simple touch of a key or jiggle of a mouse, the normal screen returns, unharmed and none the worse for wear. Nowadays, it's pretty tough to burn an image into your screen. Improvements in monitor quality and the graphical nature of Windows have made such a fate virtually impossible. Curiously, though, screen savers are still around and are, in fact, flourishing. The reason: Most of them are just plain cool. Who cares about preventing burn-in when you can watch wild, psychedelic patterns or your favorite cartoon every few minutes? There are scads of commercial screen savers on the market, and Windows XP comes equipped with some of its own. To try them out, select the Screen Saver tab in the Display Properties dialog box, drop down the Screen saver list, and select a screen saver. You can also choose the following options: · Wait--This spin box controls the amount of time your computer must be inactive before the screen saver starts doing its thing. You can enter a number between 1 and 9,999 minutes. · On resume, display Welcome screen--(Windows XP Home) Activate this check box to have Windows XP Home display the Welcome screen when you stop the screen saver. This means you have to log on to Windows again. Windows Wisdom