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Chapter 24. Refurbishing the Desktop > Adding Desktop Items - Pg. 283

Refurbishing the Desktop 283 Adding Desktop Items If you used any previous version of Windows, probably the first thing you noticed when you first saw Windows XP was the almost total absence of stuff on the desktop. One measly icon--the Recycle Bin--is all the Windows XP desktop has to show for itself. Gone are the old standbys such as the My Computer icon and the Internet Explorer icon. This was a conscious design choice on Microsoft's part because they'd prefer that you make the Start menu your Windows starting point. Windows Wisdom Windows XP also enables you to move and sort your desktop icons. Either with your mouse or by right-clicking the desktop, clicking Arrange Icons By, and then clicking a sort order: Name, Type, Size, or Modified (that is, by date). Felix Unger types can keep things in apple-pie order all the time by activating the Auto Arrange command and the Align to Grid command.