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Chapter 24. Refurbishing the Desktop > Applying Desktop Themes - Pg. 292

Refurbishing the Desktop 292 The Least You Need to Know · Displaying the Display Properties dialog box--Either right-click the desktop and then click Properties, or select Start, Control Panel, Appearance and Themes, Display. · Wallpaper options--Most wallpaper images are small, so you need to use the Tile option to get the fill effect. For larger images, use either Center or Stretch. · Screen tradeoff--Unless your computer has lots of video memory, you'll be faced with a tradeoff when adjusting the screen resolution and color quality. That is, to get the highest resolution, you may need to use a lower color quality, and vice versa. · Tailor your pixels--Try to use a screen resolution value that matches your monitor. For most monitors, 800 by 600 is ideal. · Dare to theme--To apply a theme that covers colors, desktop settings, pointers, sounds, and more, open the Display Properties dialog box and select a theme from the Themes tab.