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Chapter 24. Refurbishing the Desktop > Adding Desktop Items - Pg. 285

Refurbishing the Desktop 285 Windows Wisdom Rather than making do with Windows XP's built-in icons, you might prefer to use your own, either by editing existing icons or by creating icons from scratch. There are a number of decent icon-creation programs available. The ones I like are IconEdit Pro, IconForge, and Icon Easel (all available from That's pretty slick, but you also can talk Windows XP into displaying a different Web page or other Web page content. Here's how: 1. 2. In the Web tab, click New. Windows XP coughs up the New Desktop Item dialog box. There are two paths you can take from here: · Visit Gallery--Click this button to launch Internet Explorer and head for Microsoft's Desktop Gallery. This is a Web page that offers quite a few items that you can add to your system. Click the Add to Active Desktop button that sits by the item you want. When Internet Explorer