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Chapter 14. Prose Programs: Windows XP's... > Finding and Replacing Text - Pg. 167

Prose Programs: Windows XP's Writing Tools Here's how it works: 1. 2. 3. 4. 167 5. 6. 7. In Notepad or WordPad, open the document you want to search, if it isn't open already. Select the Edit, Find command (or press Ctrl+F). The Find dialog box punches in. Use the Find what text box to enter the word or phrase you want to find. (WordPad only) Activate the Match whole word only check box to force Find to match only the exact word or phrase you entered in step 3. If you leave this option deactivated, Find looks for text that includes the word or phrase. For example, if your search text is waldo and this check box is deactivated, Find will match not only the name Waldo, but also words such as Waldorf and Oswaldo . Activate the Match case check box to run a case-sensitive search. This means that Find matches only those words or phrases that exactly match the uppercase and lowercase letters you used in your search text. For example, if your search text is Bill and you activate this check box, Find will match the name Bill and will ignore the word bill . Click the Find Next button to let Find loose. If it finds a match, it highlights the text. If that's not what you wanted, click Find Next again to resume the search; otherwise, click Cancel to shut down the dialog box. If Find fails to ferret out a match, it will display a dialog box to let you know the bad news. If you end up back in the document and realize that the found text was not the instance you needed after all, you don't have to fire up the Find dialog box all over again. Instead, either select the Edit, Find Next command, or press F3. Find simply repeats your last search from the current position. Instead of merely finding some text, a more common editing chore is to find some text and then