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Chapter 14. Prose Programs: Windows XP's... > Using WordPad for Fancier Word Proce... - Pg. 164

Prose Programs: Windows XP's Writing Tools 164 Installing New Fonts Windows XP brings a few dozen fonts to the formatting table, which isn't bad. (Many programs install their own fonts, so your system may have more than that depending on what software you have installed.) However, there are plenty of font collections available on the market, and they generally cost only pennies a font. If you purchase one of these collections, you have to install it. To do that, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Select Start, Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then click the Fonts link. When the Fonts window appears, select File, Install New Font to open the Add Fonts dialog box. Insert the font disc and select the appropriate drive in the Drives list. After a few seconds, the available fonts on the disc will appear in the List of fonts. Highlight the ones you want to install, and then click OK. Fancy-Schmancy Formatting II: Paragraphs Few things are as uninviting to read as a document that's nothing but wall-to-wall text. To give your readers a break (literally), divide up your text into separate paragraphs. (Press Enter once to start a new paragraph; press Enter twice to give yourself a bit of breathing room between each para- graph.) As a further measure, consider formatting your paragraphs. WordPad enables you to indent entire paragraphs, indent only the first line of a paragraph, and align your paragraphs with the margins. Here's how it works: 1. Place the cursor within the paragraph that you want to format.