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Chapter 14. Prose Programs: Windows XP's... > Using WordPad for Fancier Word Proce... - Pg. 162

Prose Programs: Windows XP's Writing Tools 162 · To select a line--Click inside the narrow strip of white space to the left of the line (that is, between the line and the WordPad window's left border). In word processing circles, this strip is called the selection area . · To select a paragraph--Double-click the selection area beside the paragraph. (Those with en- ergy to burn also can select a paragraph by triple -clicking inside the paragraph.) · To select the whole document--Hold down Ctrl and click anywhere inside the selection area. (You can also choose Edit, Select All or press Ctrl+A.) Fancy-Schmancy Formatting I: Fonts The whole point of using a word processor (as opposed to a text editor, such as our pal Notepad) is to turn dull-as-dishwater text into beautifully formatted prose that other people will be clamoring to read. Happily, WordPad offers quite a few formatting features that can turn even the plainest file into a document with text appeal. In this section, you begin with the most common formatting makeover: the font. A font is a style of text in which a unique design and other effects have been applied to all the characters. To begin, you need to decide whether you want to format existing text or text that you're about to type: · To format existing text--Select the text to which you want to apply the font. · To format new text--Position the cursor at the spot where the new typing will appear. With that done, here are the steps to follow to apply the font: 1. 2. Select WordPad's Format, Font command. The Font dialog box puts in an appearance. Use the Font list to choose a typeface. The typeface is what most people think of when they use the word "font." It represents the distinctive design applied to all the characters. See Figure 14.5 for some examples. (Wondering what's up with all those typefaces that have the stylized "O" beside them? Those are OpenType typefaces and they generally display better that the other typefaces.)