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Chapter 14. Prose Programs: Windows XP's... > Using WordPad for Fancier Word Proce... - Pg. 161

Prose Programs: Windows XP's Writing Tools 161 Figure 14.4. The WordPad window gewgaws include a couple of toolbars and a ruler. WordPad and Word Processing Files Here are a few notes to bear in mind when working with WordPad and its word processing files: · The WordPad file icon--Like text files, WordPad files also have their own unique icon, as shown earlier in Figure 14.1. When you see a file with this icon, double-click it to load the file in WordPad. · What type of document do you want?When you select the File, New command, WordPad winds up and delivers the New dialog box to you. WordPad is wondering what type of document you want to create. You have three choices: