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Chapter 14. Prose Programs: Windows XP's... > Using Notepad for Garden-Variety Tex... - Pg. 159

Prose Programs: Windows XP's Writing Tools 159 Figure 14.2. Notepad: a simple window for a simple type of file. As you can see, Notepad sports a plain, no-frills, look that perfectly matches the plain, no-frills, text files you work with. There's nary a bell or whistle in sight, and even the menus contain, for the most part, just a bare-bones collection of commands: New, Open, Save, Cut, Copy, Paste, and so on. Dullsville. That's okay, though, because that's the nature of the Notepad beast. You just fire it up and then read, type, and edit as necessary. However, Notepad is not without its small quirks and one-of-a-kind features. Here's a summary: · Inserting the date and time--To plop the current date and time into your text file, select the Edit, Time/Date command (or press F5). · Wrapping text--When you type in most normal programs and the cursor hits the right edge of the window, the cursor automatically jumps down one line and starts again on the left edge of the window (this feature is known as word wrap ). But not Notepad, no. It just blithely continues along the same line for exactly 1,024 characters, and only then will it wrap onto the next line. Dumb! To avoid this annoyance, activate the Format, Word Wrap command.