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Chapter 8. Playing with Pictures > A Tour of the My Pictures Folder - Pg. 97

Playing with Pictures 97 No Film? No Problem: Ordering Prints Online NEW!If you have a digital camera, getting your photos from pixels to prints is often a challenge. It's not so bad if you have a fancy printer, but they tend to be expensive beasts (both to buy and to maintain). Recently, however, a far less expensive solution has been developed (take that as a pun, if you dare): the online printing service. The basic idea is straightforward: you send your digital photo to the online printing service, which then uses its fancy-schmancy printing equipment to convert your digital image into a real-world print. Once that's done, the service then mails the print to your home or business. Support for this kind of service is a new feature in Windows XP. Here's how it works: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Open the My Pictures folder. Select the pictures you want to print online. In the WebView panel's Picture Tasks section, click Order prints online. Windows XP gets the Online Print Order Wizard on the job. The first wizard dialog box isn't much use, so click Next. The Select a Printing Company dialog box appears. Use the Companies list to highlight which online printing company you prefer and then click Next. The wizard then connects to the Internet and downloads the appropriate data for the company you chose. From here, follow the instructions that come your way for choosing print sizes and quantities, billing information, and so on. (The specific instructions vary depending on which printing com- pany you use.) 6.