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Chapter 8. Playing with Pictures > A Tour of the My Pictures Folder - Pg. 93

Playing with Pictures 93 Attending a Strip Show: Using the Filmstrip View NEW!The thumbnail view is a great way to find the image you're looking for, but it isn't a great way to view that image once you've picked it out from the herd. To see the bigger picture (literally), Windows XP gives you two choices: the Filmstrip view (which I discuss in this section) and the image preview (which I discuss in the next section). The Filmstrip view is a new Windows XP feature, and you start it up by selecting the View, Film- strip command. When you do that, the My Pictures window converts itself into the configuration shown in Figure 8.2. The bulk of the window displays the currently highlighted picture file, which is shown full-size or as big as possible. At the bottom of the window you see all your picture files arranged in a strip from left to right. In between, you see four icons: · Previous Image--Click this icon to display the previous image in the strip (that is, the image to the left of the current image). Windows Wisdom