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Chapter 1. New News Is Good News: New Wi... > A Few More Nouveau Riches - Pg. 8

New News Is Good News: New Windows XP Features 8 Jargon Jar A firewall is a program that acts as a kind of sentry between you and the Internet. It lets you go out to the Internet, but it doesn't let any strange-looking data come in from the Internet. A Few More Nouveau Riches To wind up this look at what's shiny and new in Windows XP, here's a mixed bag of things that I discuss in the book: · User accounts--This new feature is Windows XP's way of promoting inter-family and inter-office harmony. If you share a computer with other people, you can set everyone up with their own user account, which means they get their own desktop, Start menu, My Documents folder, In- ternet Explorer favorites, and Outlook Express e-mail accounts. You can also password-protect