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Chapter 1. New News Is Good News: New Wi... > New Multimedia Bells and Whistles - Pg. 6

New News Is Good News: New Windows XP Features The new Control Panel looks good, but it isn't a total success because it's often hard to remember where things are stored. To help you out, I've summarized how to find every Control Panel icon in this book's inside back cover. 6 · The WebView panel--When you open a folder in Windows XP, the left side of the window dis- plays a WebView template, which is a collection of links to tasks and locations that are related to the contents of the folder. For example, when you select a file in the My Documents folder, the WebView panel sprouts links for renaming, moving, copying, printing, and deleting the file (see Figure 1.3). Figure 1.3. Windows XP's folder windows have a WebView panel on the left that contains links to common tasks and places. · Specialized folders--Speaking of folders, Windows XP also comes with a number of specialized folders that are designed to store specific types of files. There are My Pictures for image files, My Music for audio files, My Movies for video files, and more. Each of these folders has a Web- View panel that's tailored to the type of file the folder specializes in. Even better, it's possible to customize any other folder so that it behaves just like one of these specialized folders. New Multimedia Bells and Whistles It looks to me as though the Windows XP programmers spent the bulk of their time working on multimedia-related knickknacks, because XP is chock-full of them. Here's a brief summary of what's noteworthily new: · Graphics--Besides the My Pictures folder that I mentioned earlier, Windows XP also enables you to order prints of image files over the Internet. There's also a Photo Printing Wizard that takes a lot of the guesswork out of printing your photos, and new Filmstrip view that enables you to display a folder's images sequentially, and the ability to reduce the size of images that you send via e-mail. · CDs--Wndows XP now supports CD-R and CD-RW drives, which means you can burn files to CD-R and CD-RW discs. · Media Player--This program (it's version 8) has now become a true all-purpose, one-stop mul- timedia shop. You can use it to play almost any kind of media file, including sounds, music files, audio CDs, digital videos, DVDs, and media streamed over the Internet, including Internet radio. You can also use Media Player to copy music tracks from an audio CD to your hard disk, and you can write tracks back to a recordable CD or to a portable music device (such as an MP3 player).