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Chapter 1. New News Is Good News: New Wi... > Some Spit and Polish on the Fit and ... - Pg. 4

New News Is Good News: New Windows XP Features 4 · Memory--Windows XP can run on a system with 64 megabytes (MB), but it's not pretty. The real minimum is 128MB. · Hard disk space--You must have at least 1.5 gigabytes (GB) available to install and run Win- dows XP. · Display--You must have a video card that supports the 800 × 600 resolution. In all cases, the more you have, the better and faster Windows XP will run. Some Spit and Polish on the Fit and Finish Every version of Windows since Windows 95 has looked more or less the same. Sure, there were tweaks here and there, but the basic look went unchanged for about six years. Not so with Windows XP, which sports a snappy new outfit: · The desktop--The boring sea of blue or green that usually covers the desktop area is gone in favor of a snappy looking image. Note, too, that the new desktop is almost totally devoid of icons, the lone exception now being the Recycle Bin in the lower right corner. Even if you put icons on the desktop, the new Desk-top Cleanup Wizard will offer to hide any that you haven't used in a while. · The taskbar--The taskbar looks and works more or less the same, but it has a few small and reasonable updates. First, the area on the right where the clock resides--the notification area, as it's called--now comes with the welcome ability to hide any icons that you haven't used it a while. Also, the taskbar can be "locked" into place, which should help prevent the accidental resizes and moves that plague new users. Finally, the taskbar is also now smart enough to combine similar program buttons into a single button, which helps to reduce taskbar clutter. The one change I'm against is the hiding of the handy Quick Launch toolbar, which is one of my